I am a non-performing songwriter who writes ORIGINAL, INNOVATIVE  lyrics and compositions. I enjoy all genres of music and can write in any style including: Hip- Hop, Pop, Ballad, Alternative, Adult Contemporary, Christian, Inspirational 

I like to step outside the box and write from various perspectives. Lyric-writing is definitely my strength. I strive to create a sense of imagery and poetry with my words.

Whether it is  humor, cynicism, love, sadness, pride or joy,  I focus on the emotional aspect of a song and search for creative ways in which to present these emotions.(See sample lyrics below or my songs/lyrics page)

I’m interested in writing songs for both upcoming and established recording artists. One of my goals is to collaborate with other songwriters and musicians to create songs for short film, movie, and television soundtracks as well as advertising campaigns.

I am currently working on my fifth production with StudioPros producer and brilliant musical composer, Robb Hutzal. StudioPros is a cutting edge full-service production company. While I am the architect of the lyrics and melody, I transfer the arrangements to the team of professional musicians, producers, and engineers at Studio Pros. It has been an ideal system for my writing style.

Feature Song: Hurry Now with demo vocalist – Evan

(Available for download on I-Tunes, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon, etc.)

Need a vacation? Is your escape a remote mountain retreat or a secluded, tropical island? Wherever your escape, may you find peace and tranquility in mind, body and spirit.

I wrote Hurry Now as poetry. I wanted the listener to get lost in a place of breathtaking beauty. I have an expanded version of this poetry that I wrote concurrently with the song that I have included on my posts/update page.

I wanted music with a happy island vibe that would take me away from all the hassles of life. When I heard Robb Hutzal’s beautiful arrangement, I was instantly transported to this paradise.

I had chills when I first heard Evan’s vocal track. He has a gift of taking the melody to a place of absolute perfection! I can’t describe the magic of having the right musical minds and performers bring my songs to life. It has been a songwriter’s utopia working with Robb, Evan, and the StudioPros team.

I hope you enjoy this song, find your escape, and get lost forever in a place of happiness! Hurry Now…

Towers available for download: I-Tunes, Google Play, Pandora, Spotify, Amazon,etc.

by Ruth Buettner

Sample Lyrics (cynical): Chemistry

Sample Lyrics (uplifting): Bring on Life

Sample Lyrics (Humorous): Turn into a Zombie